Duesgo Adhesive Feet Pad
Duesgo Adhesive Feet Pad
Duesgo Adhesive Feet Pad
Duesgo Adhesive Feet Pad
Duesgo Adhesive Feet Pad
Duesgo Adhesive Feet Pad

Adhesive Foot Pads

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The invisible beach pad is a colorful line of very cleverly designed, easily-attachable, skid-proof and waterproof adhesive soles that protect bare feet bottoms from the treacherous ground at such places as the beach, parks, spas, swimming pools or anywhere else where one might be barefoot. Adhesive Foot Pads with "Thermal insulation, waterproof, anti-cuts and anti-slip" effect, protect your feet as you climb over rocks and swim in the sea, practical and effective in any season. Its surface is made of Nano environmental protection medical glue, middle: cotton stretch cloth, bottom: environmentally friendly silicone non-slip particles. The pads come in the shape of a foot and have two sides, one of which is adhesive and allows users to simply stick it to your feet when you require the use of pads. The other side of the pads are waterproof, have anti-cutting features, are elastic and also have anti-slip features. It is reusable, can be repeatedly used.

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Products Details:

Type: Orthopedic Supplies
Material: Silicone
Item Type: Foot Care Tool
Feature: Fashion, Invisible, Waterproof and Anti-Slip, Perfect for Beach, Pool, Spa, Park, Street 
Color: Black, Pink, Light Blue
S:   210 x 110 mm  (size 32-35)
M:  230 x 110 mm  (size 36-39)
L:   245 x 110 mm  (size 40-43)



Instructions For Use: 

  1. Please clean your feet soles before use.
  2. Wipe the soles of the feet.
  3. Second, tear off the stickers and wear them according to the profile of your feet. Hand stroked.
  4. Notably if the size too large, you can modify the crop size yourself and use it.