Duesgo 2 Pair ZeroSmoke Magnets
Duesgo.com-2pcs-lot-Therapy-Magnet-Quit-Smoking-Patch-with-Size in diameters
Duesgo 2 Pair ZeroSmoke Magnets
Duesgo 2 Pair ZeroSmoke Magnets
Duesgo 2 Pair ZeroSmoke Magnets
Duesgo 2 Pair ZeroSmoke Magnets
Duesgo 2 Pair ZeroSmoke Magnets

1 Pair ZeroSmoke Auricular Therapy Magnets

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           QUIT SMOKING NOW!

ZeroSmoke Magnets is a smoking cessation device that consists of a pair of bio-magnets which are worn on the inside and outside of the upper ear at a specific pressure point. The magnets work through the famous Auricular Therapy and use the principles of acupuncture to release the same endorphins in the brain which are released when a cigarette is smoked.

Auricular Therapy was discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier in the 1950s, when he noticed the connection between areas on and within the ear which, when stimulated, relieved pain in corresponding parts of the body. A smoker can still smoke while using the magnets, but they may notice that the cigarette isn't as appealing and they will gradually lose their desire to smoke, generally within one week.

The magnets are worn in a specific spot on the ear which corresponds to an area of the brain that activates when a cigarette is smoked. The Anti Smoke Magnet is an FDA-listed medical device which serves as a chemical-free substitute for smoking and has no nicotine, as do many other stop smoking aids.

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Product Details:

Item Type: Nose & Ear Trimmer
Material: Metal
Color: Gold
Weight: 52g
Size (Diameter): 0.5cm~0.8cm
Commodity Quality Certification: CE


Package Included: 1 Pair ZeroSmoke Magnets


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  • Please note that these magnets apply pressure to the ear and can cause some discomfort for the wearer although this should recede after a couple of hours.
  • Because we are all different the level of pain will vary from person to person depending on their own individual "pain threshold".
  • If for some reason you experience excessive pain then I suggest you try wearing them for a shorter period of time than advised.
  • The second week of treatment should see a far greater reduced pain factor.
  • The auricular therapy uses specifically designed 24 karat gold plated bio magnets with a specific gauss strength to apply the exact and precise amount of pressure required to get the best results.
  • These bio magnets can be used in conjunction with other forms of stop smoking aids if you wish so.